Welcome to STPA 35, Society and the Sea, Fall 2006

Classes are 9:30-10:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Peterson Hall 102.

The course outline is given here (pdf)

Course outline (HTML)

The course TA is:   Jenny Vogel, SIO Marine Biology, 330 Vaughan Hall, jvogel@ucsd.edu, 858 534-4957.  Office hours are now Mondays at 1-3 in Galbraith Hall 173c, but can be split if some other time would be more convenient for some students.

The class list has been given to the educational office of the Birch Aquarium (entrance at light to west from Torrey Pines southwest of campus) . As a member of STPA 35 you can visit free all quarter at any time. Bring a picture ID.

Please write a clear, scientific report of your term project. Try not to exceed about 10 pages. If you can write a shorter report that gets across your findings this is fine. A Hypertext Writing Guide given by M. Plonsky, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point may be helpful. The written report is due either November 28 or 30, depending on when you present your oral report. Your notebook is due at the same time (just before you give your talk).

Presentation schedule

Practice Exam 1 for October 18, 2005

Practice Exam 2 for November 8, 2005

Some oceanographic websites:

Scripps Institution of Oceanography- SIO.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

The School of Oceanography Hawaii.

Ocean Planet Home Page

Discovery International-links



Fundamentals of oceanography website , links

Schedule for previous year (similar this year):

1. The origins of oceanography, Earth and its ocean, Appendices (Conversion factors, Useful data about Earth and its ocean, Presenting data, Careers in oceanography, Classification of marine organisms, People in oceanography, Geological time scale, Glossary). Lectures Week 1.

Captain Cook was a key figure in pioneering methods of navigation and survival for long sea voyages.

2. Lectures Week 2 cover plate tektonics and seawater properties.

3. Lectures Week 3 cover ocean sediments and the earth's atmosphere.

4. Lectures Week 4. Exam 1 is Tuesday 18 October 2006.

5. Lectures Week 5. Ocean currents and ocean waves this week.

6. Lectures Week 6. (plus review questions Exam 2)



7. Lectures Week 7. Exam 2 Tuesday, Nov. 8 (bring scantron form, #2 pencil, 1 page abstract of your term project).

8. Lectures Week 8. Chapters 13 and 14.

9. Lectures Week 9.

10. Oral presentations of term project talks all this week. Lectures Week 10.

11. Final Exam Thurs. December 8, 8-11, WLH 2111.

Please bring one or two green 881-ES or 882-E scantron forms and a #2 pencil. The entire course will be covered, but emphasis will be on the Chapters not previously tested (13-15) plus student presentations. Expect up to 100 questions.

Have a look at the Final Exam from STPA 35 in Fall 2001.


Exam 1

Exam 2