Lectures week 7.

Tuesday: Veteran's Day Holiday


Review questions for Exam 2

Exam 2 from STPA 35 Fall 2001. Special office hours this week.

Good luck!

Thursday: Exam 2 Today! Bring a pencil and some green scantron forms from the bookstore. The exam is closed book with multiple choice questions (like Exam 1). Also bring an abstract of your term project (to be turned in).

Chapter 12 is about Open-Ocean Plankton and Nekton. Plankton are organisms that cannot swim faster than the current so that they must drift with it. Examples include phytoplankton, zooplankton, and bacteria. Bacteria are smaller than 2 microns so they are ultraplankton. Nannoplankoton are 2-20 microns, and microplankton are 20-2000 microns (micrometers) in size. Holoplankton are always drifters, but meroplankton are not (for example fish eggs). Nekton swim. Demersal fish like cod live near the bottom. Seaweeds are not plankton and are not nekton.

Both the diver and the bigeye jackfish (pictured, from the ocean in the Phillipines) are examples of nekton.