Lectures week 6.


Tides (Chapter 10) are complex long waves caused by gravitational forces of the sun and moon on the oceans, the rotation of the moon about the earth, the rotation of the earth about the sun, and the positions and shapes of the ocean basins, and friction. Because they tend to repeat themselves, tides can be forecast at any location on the earth based on tide gauge records from years past (about twenty year records are needed). Check out the tide at Scripps Pier. It is now possible to measure tides from space using radar altimetry. The picture shows the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite in action. This satellite was launched in 1992 by the French, and also contributes to our understanding of El Nino and La Nina.



Oceanic life and ecosystems (Chapter 11) are governed by a variety of oceanic features and processes. The additional dimension of depth distinguishes life styles at sea from those on land.





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