STPA 35 Fall 2004 Talks
Time: Name Project
11/30 8:00 AM Alvarez, Susan Global Warming and Coral Reefs Ecosystems
2.3 Arutyunyan, Marietta Volcanic Eruptions
4.6 Brown, Aileen Coral Reef Destruction and Conservation
6.9 Bryan, Kelly Global warming and the oceans
9.2 Callaham, Sarah Religion and the sea
11.5 Chen, Carol Earthquakes
13.8 Chen, Fanny Island of Guam
16.1 Chena, Wei Hua Black Smokers
18.4 Chung, John Formation of Petroleum
20.7 Cho, Christina Medical resources from the ocean
23 Cox, Emily The North Sea
25.3 Cruz, Reynard The Challenger
27.6 Davis, Jacob Law and the Sea
29.9 Degeo, Michael Ocean Pollution in San Diego and Tijuana
32.2 Del Porto, Joe Commercial Ocean Fishing
34.5 Gay, Tessa C. Ancient Ocean Gods and Their Peoples
36.8 Gibson, Erica Ocean Oasis: Sea of Cortez
39.1 Gisondo, Jessica Scuba Diving
41.4 Giwargis, Mariana When Penguins Fly
43.7 Greenberg, Rachel Deep Sea Exploration and Archeology
46 Hernandez , Sagrario Endangered Species
48.3 Hitchings, Laura Deep Sea
50.6 Hu, Xiaoyun Ashley The Ozone
52.9 Hutzler, Clara Oil in the Sea
55.2 Hwee, Gregory San Diego Beaches
57.5 Isaacsohn, Jared The Legendary Bartholomew Roberts
59.8 Jamshed, Parvez Waves
12/2 8:00 AM Jansen, Vanessa Marine Archeology of the Last Fifty Years
2.3 Jer, Stacy Beach erosion
4.6 Kim, Go U Deep Sea Trawling
6.9 Kinsey, David Sharks and Us
9.2 Kirkpatrick, Melissa Symbiosis in the Sea
11.5 Korwin, Laurel Role of the ocean in the military
13.8 Ku, Frannie Myth of Mermaids
16.1 Kuok, Ian Sea Caves
18.4 Liang, William Beaches of San Diego
20.7 Low, Bradford Study of Sea Otters
23 Makani, Mayce Dolphin Sonar
25.3 Mendez, Mariana Pollution
27.6 Northcraft, Eleyce The Myth of Atlantis
29.9 Nunez, Maria Tsunamis
32.2 Oh, Joseph Pacific Ocean
34.5 Paredes - Marquez, Marlo Sea Monsters; Deep Ocean Creations
36.8 Ramirez, Joseph Water in ancient and modern religion
39.1 Ruiz, Amanda Tides
41.4 Ryan, Kathryn Results of Kyoto protocol on Global Warming
43.7 Stewart, Michelle Human Impact on Coral Reefs
46 Swindlehurst, Ashley Sedna and the sea
48.3 Tep, Pearo Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda's Secret
50.6 Tillett, Carol Great Barrier Reef
52.9 Trayler, Becky El Nino and La Nina
55.2 Vu, Kim Trang History of major volcanic eruptions
57.5 Wang, Miranda Atlantis: Fact or Fiction
59.8 Wilson, Jeff Overfishing
62.1 Yoo, Karam Tsunamis