This webpage presents just my most important and interesting publications. You can find a complete list on my CV and Google Scholar account.

Solar Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment. Editor: Jan Kleissl. ISBN 9780123971777. Co-authored chapters:

  • Bryan Urquhart, Mohamed Ghonima, Dung Nguyen, Ben Kurtz, Chi Wai Chow and Jan Kleissl, Sky Imaging Systems for Short-term Forecasting.
  • Patrick Mathiesen, Craig Collier, and Jan Kleissl, Solar Forecasting Case Studies with the Weather and Research Forecasting Model at GL-Garrad Hassan
  • Coimbra, C., J Kleissl, R Marquez: Overview of Solar Forecasting Methods and a Metric for Accuracy Evaluation.
  • Lave M., J. Stein, J Kleissl, Quantifying and Simulating Solar Power Plant Variability using Irradiance Data
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