Resarch and Emeritus Professor of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences

Research Interests

Joe Goddard's research lies mainly in (1) the mechanics of complex fluids and granular materials and (2) chemical and bio-molecular transport processes.

In the recent past, his research has been focused on the mechanics of fluid-particle suspensions and granular materials, which are ubiquitous in nature and technology. This research, concerned with flow and particle interaction under various conditions, has received extensive support from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Civil Engineering and Particulate Mechanics Programs, and from the NASA Microgravity Fluid Physics Program.

As an extension of his previous research on chemical reaction and transport in biological systems, he is currently interested in energy transduction in bio-molecular systems.

Select Publications (past six years)

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Journal Articles:


Conference Papers and Book Chapters:

“Granular Flow” in Higham, N. et al. (eds),  Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics, Chapt.V- 17, Princeton University Press, 2015. ( preprint )

Mathematical Reviews for AMS, MathSciNet 2014-present; (reprints)