Information for Spring 2024 MAE 288A

Do not attempt to take this course unless you are either a PhD student, or a student that is highly trained in mathematics and in possession of an unhealthy desire for further exploration.

General information:

  • The course syllabus may be found here in pdf format.

  • Time and Location: T/Th 5-6:20pm, 105 EBU2.


  • The course grade will be obtained from the grades on the homework assignments, any class-participation contributions and the take-home final.

    Take-Home Final:

    The take-home final may be found here in pdf format.

    Homework Assignments:


  • The video of Lecture 18 may be found here in mp4 format. (Btw, the sound doesn't kick in for about 30 seconds on my machine.) The post-lecture form of the slides may be found here in pdf format.


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