Welcome to STPA 35, Society and the Sea, Fall 2001

Classes are 8-9:20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Warren Lecture Hall 2205.

The course outline is given here. Updated 11/23/01

Professor William Fenecal guest lecture "The Oceans as a New Frontier in Drug Discovery", Tuesday November 20.

Please write a clear, scientific report of your term project. Try not to exceed about 10 pages. A Hypertext Writing Guide given by M. Plonsky, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point may be helpful. The written report is due either November 27 or November 29, depending on when you present your oral report. Your notebook is due at the same time (just before you give your talk).

Student webpages to supplement term projects (Earn up to 5 points extra credit. Email your link to CHG):

Chris Cohen: "Ideal surfing waves"

Kimberly Marques: "Saving our Coral Reefs"

Tyrone ("T. J.") Tallie: "A Beacon in the Wilderness"

Chelsea Cormier: "El Nino"

Chih Wei Chu (cameron): "Origins of Life"

Jane Oh: "Sushi"

Holly Wells: "People and the Beach"

Kalin Hove: "Oil Drilling"

Nancy Nguyen: "Possible Cures in Sea Life Diseases"

Matt Huey: "The Ocean on Film"

Pak Tao Leung has prepared a website to assist the class in various ways.

Some oceanographic websites:

Scripps Institution of Oceanography- SIO.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

The School of Oceanography Hawaii.

Ocean Planet Home Page

Discovery International-links



Fundamentals of oceanography website , links

Schedule for the quarter:

1. The origins of oceanography, Earth and its ocean, Appendices (Conversion factors, Useful data about Earth and its ocean, Presenting data, Careers in oceanography, Classification of marine organisms, People in oceanography, Geological time scale, Glossary). Lectures Week 1.

Captain Cook was a key figure in pioneering methods of navigation and survival for long sea voyages.

2. Lectures Week 2 cover plate tektonics, seawater properties, and oceanic sediments.

3. Lectures Week 3.

4. Lectures Week 4.

5. Lectures Week 5.

6. Lectures Week 6. (plus review questions Exam 2)


7. Lectures Week 7. Exam 2 Tuesday (bring scantron form, #2 pencil, 1 page abstract of your term project).

8. Lectures Week 8.

9. Lectures Week 9. Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday).

Professor William Fenecal guest lecture "The Oceans as a New Frontier in Drug Discovery", Tuesday November 20.

10. Oral presentations of term projects all this week. Lectures Week 10.

11. Final Exam Tuesday December 4, 8-11.

Please bring one or two green scantron forms and a #2 pencil. The entire course will be covered, but emphasis will be on the Chapters not previously tested (13-15) plus guest and student presentations. Expect up to 100 questions.

Class photos:

Exam 2: 1, 2, 3, 4


Exam 1

Exam 2