Welcome to STPA 35 Society and the Sea Fall 2000

Classes are 8-9:20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Center 222.

The course outline is given here.

CAPE Comments 12/5/2000


Some oceanographic websites:

Scripps Institution of Oceanography- SIO.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

The School of Oceanography Hawaii.

Ocean Planet Home Page

Discovery International-links



Fundamentals of oceanography website , links

Schedule for the quarter:

1. The origins of oceanography, Earth and its ocean, Appendices (Conversion factors, Useful data about Earth and its ocean, Presenting data, Careers in oceanography, Classification of marine organisms, People in oceanography, Geological time scale, Glossary). Lectures Week 1.

Captain Cook was a key figure in pioneering methods of navigation and survival for long sea voyages.

2. A seminar on ocean policy may be of interest, October 5 (Thursday) at 1-2 pm. Lectures Week 2 cover plate tektonics, seawater properties, and oceanic sediments.

3. Professor Michael Molotar (Tuesday) will discuss legal developments leading to the law of the sea conventions adopted by the United Nations. Lectures Week 3.

4. Exam 1 Tuesday, Chapter 7 on Ocean and Climate Thursday. Lectures Week 4.

5. Chapter 8 Currents, Chapter 9 Waves. Lectures Week 5.

6. Chapter 10 Tides, Chapter 11 Oceanic Life and Ecosystems. Lectures Week 6. (plus review questions Exam 2)

7. Exam 2 Tuesday, Chapter 12 Open-Ocean Plankton and Nekton Thursday. Lectures Week 7.

8. Chapter 13 Benthos, Chapter 14 Coasts, Coastal Oceans, and Large Lakes. Lectures Week 8.

9. Week 9. Dr. Mia Tegner (Tuesday), Chapter 15 The Ocean on a Changing Earth, Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday). Sadly, Mia Tegner died in a diving accident on January 7, 2001.

10. Oral presentations of term projects all this week. Lectures Week 10.

11. Final Exam Tuesday December 5, 8-11.

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Term Projects

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