First class is Monday, January 5, 1998, WLH 2111, 12:45-2:05pm.

Details of the schedule are given in the course outline.

Two classes are given on Wednesdays. The first is at 12:45-2:05pm (1hr 20 min) in WLH 2111. The second is in PETER 102, 4:40-5:30pm (50 min). Holidays this quarter are on Jan. 19 and Feb. 16, both Mondays, so these classes will be lost. Professor Lasheras will take the class during the second week (Jan. 12/14) while I am at the Interstellar Turbulence symposium in Puebla, Mexico, and during the seventh week while I am attending the Primordial Black Hole and Dark Matter meeting at UCLA (Feb. 17-20).


Week 1: This week we review AMES 101a as I teach it, just to be sure we're making the same assumptions about basic fluid mechanics. In particular, look over the math notes (pdf file) for basic derivations of the conservation equations. I'll be assuming you know these. Usually I cover Chapter 6 of White in AMES 101a, so since you haven't done this, this is where we start in AMES 101b. See the last two lectures, homework hints and sample problems for Ch. 6 material.

Week 2: Prof. Lasheras will give the lectures this week while I'm in Mexico. Pay close attention, since I may ask him for an exam question. You can make a good impression by requesting information about how turbulence determines bubble sizes in water, since he is the world's expert on this subject.

Week 3: Extra problems are given here, along with some discussion of boundary layers. Read the posted materials on turbulent flows.


Week 4: Discussion of boundary layers and drag coefficients.


Week 5: Introduction to ideal flows from Chapter 8.


Week 6: Continued discussion of ideal flows and Chapter 8.


Week 7: Begin discussion of compressible flows and Chapter 9. Professor Lasheras will take the class on Wednesday while I am at the Primordial Black Hole and Dark Matter 1998 symposia held in UCLA.


Week 8: Derivation of energy equation in various forms needed to describe compressible flows. Adiabatic and isentropic flows. One dimensional flow relations.


Week 9: Complete discussion of Chapter 9 and begin Chapter 10 on hydraulics.


Week 10: Complete discussion of Chapter 10 . Chapter 11 on turbomachinery.



HomeWork Hints:

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10



Grades (Exam 1)

Grades (3/14/98) Check over!

The final exam is Monday, March 16, 11:30 to 2:30, WLH2111. Two pages of your handwritten notes are allowed (both sides ok). Good luck!



Grades (3/22/98) final