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F. Boso and D. M. Tartakovsky, "Information-theoretic approach to bidirectional scaling", Water Resour. Res., vol. 54, no. 7, doi:10.1029/2017WR021993, pp. 4916-4928, 2018


We present an information-theoretic approach for integration of multi-resolution data into multiscale simulations. This general framework is used to up- and down-scale equations of fluid flow in heterogeneous porous media. Fine-scale information can comprise observational data and/or simulation results related to both system states and system parameters. It is aggregated into its coarse-scale representation by setting a probabilistic equivalence between the two scales, with parameters that are determined via minimization of observables error and mutual information across scales. The same quantities facilitate the use of coarse-scale data to constrain compatible fine-scale distributions.

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