Information for Fall 2017 MAE 107

General information for Fall 2017 MAE 107:

  • The course syllabus (in pdf format) contains information on the course objective, content and grading policy.

  • Lecture and Problem Session: T/Th 5:00-6:50, Ledden Auditorium.

  • The course grade will be obtained as indicated on the syllabus.

    Some motivation (beyond the joy of numerical mathematics) can be found here.

    The Book:

  • J.F. Epperson, An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis, Second Edition (2013).

  • Contact: (The TAs are listed alphabetically.)

    TENTATIVE Quiz Schedule:

  • Quiz 1: TBD.
  • Quiz 2: TBD.
  • Quiz 3: TBD.
  • For the quizzes:


  • TBD.

    Homework Assignments:

    Notes regarding homework:

  • Homework Assignment #1 TBD.

    You can see examples of MATLAB code here.

    Approximate ordered list of topics to be covered:

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