MAE126B Senior Environmental Engineering Design Project Course Organization

Slides with course description

MAE126B Projects

Project E1: LOTUS River Filtration
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: preassigned to Nathan Cusson, Carina Cornejo, Samuel Gutierrez, Rohan Kurse

Project E2: Optimizing Carbon Footprint of New UCSD Graduate Housing
Project Advisor: Victoria Gisladottir, victoriagisla
Project members: Itzel Gomez, Maria Fonseca, Jonathan Kingsley, Lucila Tafur, Milan Das

Project E3: Simulate Solar Powered Microgrid at Plant Grower
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: Valerie Chan, Noe Tsuji, Sam Bunarjo, Ryan Erickson, Rose Kosec

Project E4: Hone in on the Noise - Noise Assessment and Prosection in Dense Urban Environments
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: open for signup

Project E5: San Dieguito River Culvert Survey/Recommendation
Project Advisor: Leana Bulay, San Dieguito River Park
Project members: Dana Thibodeau, Dylan Gerard, Sam Ozenbaugh, Jackie First

Project E6: Runoff Remediation Pond Assessment
Project Advisor: Leana Bulay, San Dieguito River Park
Project members: preassigned to Deborah Gardner, Maria Winters, Alexandrea Hill, Carolina (Irma) Govea, Heather Hardenberg

Project E7: Lagoon Dredging Dump Site Remediation
Project Advisor: Leana Bulay, San Dieguito River Park
Project members: Stephen Messur, Travis Knight, and Youmi Pang.

Project E8: Automated Industrial Waste Water Quality Testing
Project Advisor: Jack Monger, Executive Director, Industrial Environmental Association,
Project members: preassigned to Juan Covarrubias, Chad Nishida, Su Cheong, Kento Hayworth, Tom Sun

Project E9: Cooling Tower Efficiency with Recyled Water
Project Advisor: Jeff Eisert UCSD Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Recycled Water Program Manager,
Project members: Andrew Young, Umay Akkoseoglu, Diego Munoz Iglesias, David Zimmerman, and Emily Srna

Project E10: Surface Powered Energy
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: Preassigned to Thomas Elliott, Adam Zeman, Isabel D'Elia, Victoria Oldham

Project E11: Household Energy Testing Lab
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: Nicholas Walsh, Kevin Perozo, Brandon Schwendeman

Project E12: Unsorted Waste to Energy Conversion
Project Advisor: Mark Anderson, PE, RETECH Engineering, Inc.,,
Project members: Catherine Woo, Brandon Nguyen, George Sarkis, Christina Youkhana, and Siddarth Almeida

Project E13: Low-Cost Power Boosting System for Solar Panels
Project Advisor: Mark Anderson, PE, RETECH Engineering, Inc.,,
Project members: Manasa Muralidharan, Da Yeol Kang, Nanxi Ye, Lynnay Consul

Project E14: Solar Power Following for Heat Pump Water Heater
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: Ho, ioi kuan; Zhang, Zibo; Shi, Ruiqi; Tang, Weijun; Li, Xiang

Project E15: Solar Trees - Feast or Famine?
Project Advisor: Jan Kleissl
Project members: Geoffrey Alves, Sarah Douglas, Raul Huang Liu, Tyler McHenry

Project E16: Raceway Pond for Algae Cultivation
Project Advisor: Dominick Mendola
Project members: Preassigned to Justin Huynh, Laura Darken, Erika Moreno, Fredy Garcia. Closed for signup.

Project E17: Solar Panel Power Boosting through Heat Transfer Enhancement
Project Advisor: Jenny Liu, Interface Materials, Inc.,
Project members: Giovanni Coronado, Rentian Dong, Connor Dunn, and Josh Hill.

TA: Guang Wang,, will be in SERF136 Mon 5-7pm

There are no regular labtimes. Lectures MWF 4-5p in WLH2204.

Resources for Background / Literature Research

Grade Summary

Lab Space, MAE Staff Support:

How to prepare for weekly meetings

Meeting Times Prof. Kleissl
(weekly in EBU2 580, unless otherwise arranged) Email several time slots for me to choose from, not just a single time.
Time Monday Wednesday Friday
1000-1020E5busy avlb
1020-1040avlbbusy avlb
1040-1100avlbbusy avlb
1100-1120avlbbusy busy
1120-1140avlbbusy busy
1140-1200avlbbusy busy
1200-1220avlbavlb busy
1220-1240avlbavlb busy
1240-100 avlbavlb busy
100-120 E17E15 busy
120-140 E12E14 avlb
140-200 avlbavlb avlb
200-220 E13avlb avlb
220-240 avlbavlb avlb
240-300 avlbavlb avlb
300-320 avlbE7 avlb
320-340 avlbE2 avlb
340-400 E8E3 avlb
400-420 lectureavlb avlb
420-440 lectureE16 avlb
440-500 lectureE10 avlb
500-520 avlbE6 avlb
520-540 avlbE1 busy
540-600 avlbE9 busy
600-620 avlbE11 busy
620-640 avlbavlb busy


Report Peer Review

One or more students from each team will review and provide recommendations for another team's project report. This type of peer review is an important part of learning for both sides: (i) the reviewer learns how to provide good feedback and demonstrate leadership (ii) the reviewed must present their project clearly and concisely and may receive valuable feedback to explore a different direction and/or improve their report. The steps are: In your review follow the report guidelines and use your engineering knowledge to judge the technical content. Emphasis should be on clarity! If you cannot understand what was done, let the team know! The grade for the report review is based on thoroughness (25%), quality of comments (50%), and creativity (25%).

Team Peer Review

Peer review follows the format of MAE3 and can be submitted here both for midterm and final peer review. Login to your individual peer review form using: Your peer review can only be submitted once, so be prepared to complete the form in one sitting. Completing the peer review on time is a required component of the course.
The peer reviews will be kept anonymous from other students in the class, but the averaged results and combined comments from your teammates will be emailed to the students being reviewed. This email will be sent only after all team members have submitted their form.
It is not proper etiquette to ask your teammates how they reviewed you.
If you choose to add comments in “Areas for Improvement” then comments should also be entered under “Helpful Actions.” Effective feedback focuses on the impact of certain actions rather than on a team member’s personality.
A combined rating is provided, where the average score for each student is 1000 points, which reflects the overall contribution of the team member being reviewed. If you enter a combined score of 900 or lower, then comments must be entered to justify this scoring, either to the instructor or in the student feedback area.
The intermediate peer reviews are for feedback purposes and the results do not affect the course grade, but the final peer reviews can have a large impact on ones grade!



US$ 150 / group from MAE department. These funds can only be used for project-related expenses (usually parts) and have to be cleared by me. Index numbers are E1--AMEUE01, E2--AMEUE02, E3--AMEUE03, E4--AMEUE04, E5--AMEUE05, E6--AMEUE06, E7--AMEUE07, E8--AMEUE08, E9--AMEUE09, E10--AMEUE10, E11--AMEUE11, E12--AMEUE12, E13--AMEUE13, E14--AMEUE14, E15--AMEUE15, E16--AMEUE16, E17--AMEUE17. Reimbursement form
Additional funds can be disbursed by the project advisor and do not have to be cleared by me.