MAE 5 "Quantitative Computer Skills" Fall 2002 class is in Center Hall 115, 9:30-10:50 am.

Detailed information about the course schedule and homework problem assignments are given in the course outline.

Note: The magic number is 0501331

The emeritus TA for the course is Pak Tao Leung ( Pak has set up a webpage for the course of his own. Tathagata Mitra ( will be responsible for sections A02, A03, A04 and A07. Weixing Zhou ( will be responsible for sections A01, A05, A06 and A08. At this time the drop box has not been set up by ACS, so keep your homework on floppy disks (this is a good idea anyway for backup).

For those students with home Windows PCs. Getting True BASIC for your machine, transferring files between W-PCs and Macs, distributing programs to friends and relatives (the read me file). For students with home Macs (the read me file). For students without floppy drives on their personal computers but with CD drives, a disk has been burned with the True Basic & TB Ref for home files that you can borrow.

Information about True Basic: John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz invented the BASIC programming language in 1964 for use at Dartmouth College. They made it freely available to everyone who wanted to learn how to program computers.

In 1983 they created True BASIC to incorporate and showcase all the exciting new developments they had added to their language, which had now become a world standard. It was designed to be both easy to use for beginners and powerful for advanced programmers. More people in the world use BASIC than any other programming language. The UCSD site licensed True Basic Bronze program (unlimited license for UCSD students and faculty) that you will copy in the laboratory and use in the course is the full-featured language system:

  • New programs have no line limitations (the Student Edition is limited to 150)
  • The utilities used to create independent programs for distribution to friends (or resale!) are included. A pdf bulletin from True Basic gives instructions for this process.
  • UCSD students and faculty now have key access to the Bronze (and maybe someday the Silver) editions of True BASIC (more standard functions than 2.72, include jpg files in PICTURE subroutines, etc.). Here is another method for including PICT, JPEG and MS BMP files.
  • More information about the program can be obtained as follows:


    Quizzes (grades,solution)

    Final Grades


    The psychologists corner.