Research Interests:

My research field is Mechanics of Solids and Materials. I did research and published papers in the following areas:

Linear and Nonlinear Elasticity,

Finite Strain Plasticity,

Viscoelasticity and Viscoplasticity,

Dislocation Mechanics,

Damage and Fracture Mechanics,

Mechanics of Thin Films,

Mechanics of Composites,




The list of publications with the pdf files of selected papers from the above research areas can be found at: Selected Publications .

See also: Google Scholar Publications Number of citations (May 2018): 4765, h-index: 30, i10-index: 62, 10h-index: 12.

Web of Science data (December 2017):

h-index: 23 List of h-23 papers

h1-index: 21 (h-index as a first author) List of h1-21 papers

h0-index: 13 (h-index as a sole author) List of h0-12 papers