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A. M. Tartakovsky, D. M. Tartakovsky, T. D. Scheibe and P. Meakin, "Hybrid simulations of reaction-diffusion systems in porous media", SIAM J. Sci. Comput., vol. 30, no. 6, pp. 2799-2816, 2008


Hybrid or multi-physics algorithms provide an efficient computational tool for combining micro- and macro-scale descriptions of a physical phenomenon. Their use becomes imperative when micro-scale descriptions are too computationally expensive to be conducted in the whole domain, while macro-scale descriptions fail in a small portion of the computation domain. We present a hybrid algorithm to model a general class of reaction-diffusion processes in granular porous media, which includes mixing-induced mineral precipitation on, or dissolution of, the porous matrix that cannot be accurately described with a continuum (Darcy-scale) model. The pore-scale/Darcy-scale hybrid is constructed by coupling a solution of the reaction-diffusion equation (RDE) at the pore-scale with a continuum Darcy-level solution of the averaged RDE. The resulting pore-Darcy scales hybrid is solved numerically by employing a multi-resolution meshless discretization based on the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method. This ensures the seamless, non-iterative coupling of the two components of the hybrid model. The presented computational examples illustrate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed hybrid algorithm.

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