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T. Maltba, P. Gremaud and D. M. Tartakovsky, "Nonlocal PDF methods for Langevin equations with colored noise", J. Comput. Phys., vol. 367, doi:10.1016/, pp. 87-101, 2018


Langevin equations describe systems driven by internally generated or externally imposed random excitations. If these excitations correspond to Gaussian white noise, it is relatively straightforward to derive a closed form equation for the joint probability density function (PDF) of state variables. Many natural phenomena present however correlated (colored) excitations. For such problems, a full probabilistic characterization through the resolution of a PDF equation can be obtained through two levels of approximations: first, mixed ensemble moments have to be approximated to lead to a closed system of equations and, second, the resulting nonlocal equations should be at least partially localized to ensure computational efficiency. We propose a new semi-local formulation based on a modified large-eddy diffusivity (LED) approach; the formulation retains most of the accuracy of a fully nonlocal approach while presenting the same order of algorithmic complexity as the standard LED approach. The accuracy of the approach is successfully tested against Monte Carlo simulations.

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