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L. Paiva Fulchignoni and D. M. Tartakovsky, "Uncertain characterization of reservoir fluids due to brittleness of equation of state regression", Geoenergy Sci. Engrg., vol. 228, doi:10.1016/j.geoen.2023.211985, pp. 211985, 2023


Equations of state (EoS) play a central role in modeling the phase equilibrium of fluid mixtures. Their parameterization involves fitting a model to experimental data, i.e., solving a nonlinear, non-convex, multivariate optimization problem. The latter requires one to select design variables, domains of definition for each variable, and weights assigned to individual measurements. We demonstrate that subjective choices of an optimization algorithm and an initial guess also impact the regression process. Consequently, EoS predictions are fundamentally uncertain even after the EoS tuning to a limited set of experimental data points. We demonstrate this observation for two hydrocarbon reservoir fluids, in which five properties of the heaviest carbon fraction are treated as design variables. While all the optimization algorithms and initial guesses match experimental data for the gas and liquid properties, the resulting EoS parameterizations lead to dramatically different predictions of the fluid's thermophysical behavior in the unsampled pressure and temperature regions. We propose the probabilistic treatment of design variables to quantify the predictive uncertainty of the resulting fluid models.

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