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N. Davies, D. Field, D. Gavaghan, S. Holbrook, S. Planes, M. Troyer, M. Bonsall, J. Claudet, G. K. Roderick, R. Schmitt, L. Amaral Zettler, V. Berteaux, H. Bossin, C. Cabasse, A. Collin, J. Deck, T. Dell, J. Dunne, R. Gates, M. Harfoot, J. L. Hench, M. Hopuare, P. Kirch, G. Kotoulas, A. Kosenkov, J. J. Leichter, H. Lenihan, A. Magoulas, N. Martinez, C. Meyer, B. Stoll, B. Swalla, D. M. Tartakovsky, H. Teavai Murphy, V. Turyshev, R. Valdvinos, R. Williams and S. Wood, "Simulating social-ecological systems: the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars (IDEA) consortium", GigaScience, vol. 5, doi:10.1186/s13742-016-0118-5, pp. 14-17, 2016


Systems biology promises to revolutionize medicine, yet human wellbeing is also inherently linked to healthy societies and environments (sustainability). The IDEA Consortium is a systems ecology open science initiative to conduct the basic scientific research needed to build use-oriented simulations (avatars) of entire social-ecological systems. Islands are the most scientifically tractable places for these studies and we begin with one of the best known: Moorea, French Polynesia. The Moorea IDEA will be a sustainability simulator modeling links and feedbacks between climate, environment, biodiversity, and human activities across a coupled marine–terrestrial landscape. As a model system, the resulting knowledge and tools will improve our ability to predict human and natural change on Moorea and elsewhere at scales relevant to management/conservation actions.

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