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I. Battiato and D. M. Tartakovsky, "Applicability regimes for macroscopic models of reactive transport in porous media", J. Contam. Hydrol., vol. 120-121, doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2010.05.005, pp. 18-26, 2011


We consider transport of a solute that undergoes a nonlinear heterogeneous reaction: after reaching a threshold concentration value, it precipitates on the solid matrix to form a crystalline solid. The relative importance of three key pore-scale transport mechanisms (advection, molecular diffusion, and reactions) is quantified by the Peclet (Pe) and Damkohler (Da) numbers. We use multiple-scale expansions to upscale a pore-scale advection-diffusion equation with reactions entering through a boundary condition on the fluid-solid interface, and to establish sufficient conditions under which macroscopic advection-dispersion-reaction equations provide an accurate description of the pore-scale processes. These conditions are summarized by a phase diagram in the (Pe, Da) space, parameterized with a scale-separation parameter that is defined as the ratio of characteristic lengths associated with the pore- and macro-scales.

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