The research of our group is divided into three main areas:

  1. Strongly nonlinear wave dynamics of heterogeneous “soft” condensed matter (e.g. porous or granular materials with properties of “sonic vacuum” or with anomalous behavior).

  2. Physics and mechanics of shock and localized shear deformation of solid and porous materials, inert and reactive.

  3. Dynamic (shock, explosive) and quasidynamic (cold isitatic, hot isostatic pressing) high energy processing of materials.

The main results obtained in these three areas (up to 2000) are outlined in my two books – the first book (200 pages) was published in 1992 by Russian Academy of Sciences in Russian and the second one (520 pages) was published by Springer-Verlag, New York in 2001.

These areas represent my general interest in physics, mechanics of processing and behavior of complex materials (highly heterogeneous, highly nonlinear).  They are often interconnected.

Our research funding comes from ARL, NSF and ONR


Vitali F. Nesterenko
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