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Our lab periodically gets high school and undergraduate students involved in our research projects in order to show them what research in the academia is all about!  Occasionally, our outreach efforts even go to elementary school levels, as can be seen below.

UCSD Preuss Middle/High School Involvement

Kadija Amba, Po-Yu Chen, Gloria Chukwueke, and Albert Lin (from left to right) working in the aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where we raise abalones and crabs.

Kadija and Gloria standing beside a tank with tree frogs.  We study the adhesive properties of abalone and tree frogs.

Undergraduate Research

Students holding a variety of deer antlers: elk, fallow, white-tail, moose, and mule (from left to right). 

Buay Deng conducting compression tests on the spongy samples of elk antlers.

Thomas Yang loading hornbill beak samples in the environmental chamber of the tensile tester.

Jennifer Asis weighing out chemicals to synthesize AlN powders.

Jerry Curiel cutting out elk antler specimens for mechanical testing.

Torrey Pines Elementary School “Science Discovery Days”

The nine-banded armadillo armor seems to feel especially soft and velvety

Alligator jaws are no longer threatening when being held in her hands

The fascination in these young children’s eyes seems to be amusing for Katya

Judith Inurriaga preparing the samples for bone deproteination research that was a part of her summer internship project.


Joshua Vasquez and Robert Urbaniak present their research at Undergraduate Research Conference, 2010

A sawfish rostrum is extremely cool!

Shark teeth have serrations, do you know what that is?

An abalone shell and chalk made out of the same material, but look how different they are!