Alison L. Marsden, PhD.

Associate Professor

Jacobs School Faculty Fellow

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Institute of Engineering in Medicine

Center for Biomechanics Research

SME 344H

University of California, San Diego

La Jolla, CA 92093-0411



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Cardiovascular Biomechanics Computation Lab

The Cardiovascular Biomechanics Computation Lab develops novel computational methods for the study of cardiovascular disease progression, surgical methods, and medical devices.

Our interests include:  cardiovascular disease and biofluid mechanics, shape optimization for complex flows, pediatric cardiology, vascular surgery, derivative-free optimization methods, uncertainty quantification, multiscale modeling, vascular design principles, vascular growth and remodeling, thrombosis, cardiovascular device design, Kawasaki Disease, bypass graft optimization, ventricular assist devices

Our lab supports the SimVascular open source project at: