Educating the future leaders of our country is the primary mission of a university. My personal mission is to advance the sustainability agenda through students well-trained in fundamental science. Strong quantitative and programming skills are beneficial and will be acquired during the PhD. A Master's degree is not required for applying for a PhD. Join a growing, dynamic team, where mentoring of the students is of foremost importance.


My graduate students usually take courses in this mini-program.

Applying for Graduate School

While I do read prospective student's emails and their CVs, it is not possible to answer all requests. Please read the following for suggestions on how to successfully apply for a Graduate Research Assistantships in Mechanical or Environmental Engineering at UCSD.

In general, I am more likely to reply to a student who has taken the time to research my work, especially if they can provide a statement of interest to motivate their decision to work with me. If you come with your own funding (e.g. fellowships through NSF, NASA, DOE, or EPA fellowships) admission is virtually guaranteed. For outstanding students, the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCSD offer financial support through fellowships.


In principle, you can be admitted anytime. However, most admissions occur during the graduate admissions period (January through March). If you would like to apply, you should follow the procedure outlined on the MAE admissions website. Your application will stand out if you mention my research and name in your statement of interest.