Slides prepared for talk, "Dark Matter Formation at Schwarz scales: primordial fog particles and WIMP superhalos", C. H. Gibson, presented Sept. 8, 1996, at the U. Sheffield Workshop on the Identification of Dark Matter, Sept. 7-12, 1996, Sheffield, England:

Introduction 1, Synopsis 2, Helix PN Cometary Globules (possibly primordial fog particles) 3, Schwarz condensation length scales 4, Hydropaleontology to determine the beginning time for structure formation 5, Structure formation on nonacoustic density nuclei 6, Dark matter length and mass scales 7, Sir James Jeans 8, Dr. William H. Schwarz 9, Sample calculation of primordial fog particle mass 10, Helix PN PFPs 11, Cats-eye PN PFPs 12, Schild (1996) quasar microlens of "Rogue Planet" 13, HST deep field galaxy, age only 750,000 yabb (young!) 14, Eagle Nebula star formation, fossil L_ST scales 15, Conclusions 16.