Carl H. Gibson, Professor of Engineering Physics and 
Oceanography, Departments of Applied Mechanics and 
Engineering Sciences, and Scripps Institution of 
Oceanography, Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences,
University of California at San Diego, La 
Jolla, CA 92093-0411, (858) 534-3184,, 
	Research interests: Theoretical and experimental 
studies of turbulence and turbulent mixing; laboratory and 
field experiments; measurements of oceanic microstructure 
by profiling towed sensor platforms (patent '79); 
applications in laboratory, combustion, compressible flows, 
atmosphere, ocean, astrophysics and cosmology; self-
gravitational flow; mechanisms of turbulent mixing; Prandtl 
number effects; statistical geometry; numerical simulation; 
turbulent events with stable stratification and rotation; 3-D 
and 2-D fossil-turbulence theory; effects of turbulence on 
marine phytoplankton.  

	Education: BS/MS (U. Wisc. '56, '57), PhD (Stanford 
'62) in Ch. E.  

	Positions: Ch. E. (ORNL '58), AEC Fellow 
('58-'61), Peace Corps Vol. (Osmania U., India, '62-'64), 
Vis. Inv. (WHOI, '64), Res. Eng. (UCSD '65), 
Asst./Assoc./Prof. (AMES/SIO UCSD '66-).  AIChE, 
AGU, APS (Fellow '75), Society for Statistical Geometry, 
Guggenheim Fellow ('73-'74), Academician IEAS ('95).  
Eight ocean expeditions on R/Vs FLIP, Thomas 
Washington, Medeleev, Kurchatov, and Keldysh.  Eighty 
articles in books and journals.