Sound or Structure?

Carl H. Gibson (Univ. Cal. San Diego)
May 7, 2000

The BOOMERANG balloon temperature map of the microwave sky over Antarctica shows no secondary "sonic" peaks, calling into question whether the primary peak is a sound wave or the fossil of first structure formation predicted by the Gibson 1996-2000 hydro-gravitational theory: proto-superclusters formed in the plasma epoch about 10^12 seconds (30,000 years) after the Big Bang from inflated fossils of the quantum-gravitational-dynamics (QGD) epoch. The primary peak is at a scale about 10^-1 the horizon scale at the time of plasma-gas transition 10^13 seconds (300,000 years). The structure peak is superposed on an inflated QGD "turbulence" fossil assuming an inflation factor of 10^50 and spectral slope 1/6, so that the Planck scale is 6 decades to the right of the structure peak and the inflated QGD horizon is 2 decades to the left in the adapted Hu figure. See Hu, W. 2000, Nature 404, 939, for assumptions behind various "sonic" spectra.

The QGD "turbulence" is driven at the Planck scale 10^-35 m, and extends to the QGD horizon ct 10^-27 m, with t=10^-35 s and c light speed, before cooling to a point where the strong force freezes out and triggers inflation. Entropy is produced by the viscous dissipation of velocity variance eps and diffusive dissipation of temperature variance chi, giving a temperature variance spectrum ~ chi eps^-1/3 l^-5/3 by dimensional analysis (Corrsin-Obukhov theory) and a temperature dissipation spectrum ~ chi eps^-1/3 l^1/3. Assuming an inflation factor of 10^50, the fossil QGD "turbulent" temperature dissipation spectrum shifts to wavelengths between 10^23 m for the fossil QCD horizon to 10^15 m for the fossil Planck scale, and gives a temperature spectrum ~l^1/6 in the figure.

The low amplitude spectal peak of 7x10^-5 K shows the nonbaryonic matter diffuses into the protosuperclustervoids produced at the time of first structure (astro-ph/9904362), strongly damping further structure formation in the baryonic matter by removing the gravitational driving force.