Dear Samantha:

Your apology is accepted. I know very well how frustrating

computers and computer programming are, and what a time sink they can

be. Think of it as an investment. I assure you that

you'll get your time and many benefits back in the future. BASIC is

the best computer programming language I've ever seen, and True

BASIC is the most user friendly version.

Sorry about the changes, but I'm trying to crank out the

best student computer programmers that have ever come out of the

AMES 5 class...and you may be one of them.




> Dear Professor,

> I want to apologize for getting so angry with you in my previous messages.

> I know that you give us assignments for the sake of learning. I really do

> appreciate that. I was not getting angry because I don't want to work for

> my grade. I work very hard in my classes and don't want to have a grade

> just handed to me. It wouldn't mean as much. But, I do have to agree with

> another student (I read her letter on the webpage). I put more hours into

> this class than any other. It gets frustrating to not know what we're

> doing because it changes minute by minute. I think that you do show a

> genuine concern for the students. I think you are a very nice person and

> have always been willing to help me. It's not you personally that I get

> angry with, it's the changes and the misinforming that I get upset about.

> Thank you,

> Samantha French


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Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 13:30:51 -0800 (PST)



Subject: another thing



I forgot to mention one thing. I don't think it's fair of you to quiz us

on chapter 10 when you said in the syllabus that we didn't have to do that

chapter. I know you say it's useful, but you should have thought about

that before you eliminated it from the course. Besides, one lecture on the

chapter is not going to make us understand it. You're hard to follow in

lecture because your comments are sporatic and your lectures are

unorganized. I know you think that what I'm saying is rude, but I've tried

being nice and have even given you suggestion, and that doesn't seem to

work either. How do we get through to you?

Samantha French

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To: Carl Gibson <>

Subject: Re: Forwarded attachment...



Maybe you were right. I probably shouldn't have written you when I was

still very angry. I would like to say some reasonable things, and I hope

you will give them some consideration. The practice problems do take a lot

of time. Even though you may not think so, we can tell you that they do. I

know that you want us to do really well on our final projects, but with

all the extra work you've given us, we don't have as much time to put into

our projects. I would rather use the time to do my project rather than

doing take home quizzes. The TAs can see if we know the material or not by

our original homework problems. They don't need to see 5 more programs to

test our knowledge. Another thing, I don't think I should have to take 8a

in class on Thursday. I will tell you why. On thursday you said not to

come to class unless we have questions on quiz #8. Everyone heard you say

that. I didn't need help, so I didn't go. You cannot expect the class to

look at the webpage everyday to look for your updates. Many students do

not have access to a computer. If you had mentioned in the syllabus that

it was our duty to look at the webpage then it would be understandable.

However, you did not say that in the syllabus, therefore it is not our

responsiblity to look at it. You cannot disagree with that. I went by what

you said in class, and it's not my problem if you change your mind every

minute. Many students missed the quiz for that reason. You cannot penalize

us for you mistake, nor make us take extra time to take the missed quiz. I

really hope you listen to what I have said. You really don't know how

frustrating your teaching is. Make it a little easier on us, please,

especially since it's so close to finals week and you do want our projects

to be excellent.

Thank you,

Samantha French


PS I would like to know how many people wanted the quizzes back, because I

can tell you that it definately wasn't by popular demand. We took a poll

in class, and you could see that the majority did not want quizzes.