Message 16/125 Melissa Pedrajita Feb 22, 99 01:54:29 pm -0800

Dear Melissa:

Thanks for the email. As I said in class, most of the basic

material you need to write original BASIC programs has now been

covered by the lectures and tested by in-class quizzes. It is

difficult for me to test your abilities to do original programming

by means of in-class quizzes, so I decided to make the quizzes

take-home instead and found considerable preference for the in-class

version since they are so effective at clinching one's knowledge of

new material. Therefore I decided to have both versions for the

next three weeks of class. This morning I'll cover the most

important aspects of Chapter 10 in the lecture and quiz, and

Thursday Chapter 11. I'll also go over the take-home quiz problems

for the week, which you are to turn in in section.





Carl H. Gibson

Professor of Engineering Physics and Oceanography

Departments of AMES and SIO

University of California at San Diego

La Jolla, CA 92093-0411

Phone: (619) 534-3184, Fax: (619) 534-7599








> Prof. Gibson,



> i noticed on your web page that the take home quiz for week 8 are

> re-assigned and that the in class quizzes are re-instated. what do you

> mean? we don't have to turn in the take home quiz at section and that

> we're going to have a normal in class quiz instead?



> melissa pedrajita