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Subject: Re: graphics


Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:14 -0800 (PST)

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Dear Jamie:

Good question. I've been working on it, but don't know the

best answer yet. You might take a look at the True BASIC webpage

(there are some links in the class webpage to the latest graphics

technical notes) to get some hints. You can use the mouse to fill

up an array with points that comprise the figure, and then use

matrix plot to display the figure, for example. Or you can explore

the world of "graphical objects" mentioned in the True BASIC

technical notes. I've been trying to get a copy of the manual for

the program (would you believe it!) which I suspect has lots of

information you could use. Anything is possible, and I'm sure has

been done by someone.



> Hi!


> My name is Jamie and I am in your Ames 5 lecture. I wanted to know if

> there were anyway we could create our own original pictures without

> composing them out of boxes, or circles, or triangles. These images seem

> very simplistic to me. Is there a command that would allow us to draw our

> own figures and integrate them into the background of the screen. (I

> don't want the user to be able to draw, but for he/she to see the figures)


> Thanks,



> Jamie