Dear Jodie:

Many thanks for the nice message. Students like you are why

I like this job...and actually most are sensible and fair and want

to learn. I consider the negative response I've been getting as an

understandable result of growing pains that will eventually pass

away with maturity.

I spotted your project in the drop box, and had fun playing

the trivial pursuit game you put together. How about your

demonstrating it in class on the last day?

Best regards,



> Prof. Gibson,

> I am e-mailing you just to let you know that it upsets me how so

> many of the students in Ames 5 are disrespectful and give you a hard

> time. We are here to learn and that is exactly what you are trying to

> promote. I have heard all the bitching that you have to deal with

> during class and have read all the e-mails posted on the web. I just

> think it is ridiculous and am embarrassed for us students in general.

> You don't seem to take it personally and I don't think you should.

> Apparently, most people could care less about actually learning, they

> just want to get credit for a class and do as little work as possible.

> Like most people in the class, I am taking this as a requirement towards

> my psych. major. I may never take another computer programming class,

> but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't put in the effort that is

> required for this one. I get just as frustrated as the next guy and

> spend hours in the maclab but that is to be expected. This is a college

> course and we should have to earn the credits that go along with it.

> You have been more than helpful when anyone asks questions in class

> and I have approached you before and after class and the same is true.

> I cannot even imagine how much time you spend for this class. Between

> keeping the webpage updated, creating the quizzes, writing program after

> program for lectures, reading and responding to e-mails, and looking

> over the work that we have turned in. This is all for our benefit. Yet

> students are completely selfish and complain about the work that THEY

> have to put in to the class. I realize how much you do for us and I

> wanted you to know that I appreciate it, even if no one else does.

> Thank you for putting in so much time and trying so hard to get us

> to learn despite all the negativity that has come along with it. I have

> a lot of respect for you. Sincerely,


> Jodie Fagan