Dear Nga:

Thanks for the email. Your're welcome! Regarding quiz 10,

you should go over everything we've done in the class, since it will

be comprehensive. I haven't made it up yet, but most probably it'll

just be a long quiz...probably about 50 questions since this is

one side of a scantron, or 100 if I get really ambitious, plus a

small number of subjective questions depending on how many hours of

grading time the TAs have left. Plus I'll give out my own version

of a Course Evaluation Form so I can get student feedback in a more

organized form than just the emails. Please think about the class

and be prepared to give me your ideas on how to improve it.

Good luck!



> You might not even remembered that I came up and talked to you after

> class, but I missed quiz number 8a and 8b, but you've already let me

> make-up those quizzes. thank you!


> The super quiz on Tuesday (3/9) will consists of what? Do we have to

> write a/a few quick program(s) besides the multiple choice? How many

> multiple choice will I have to answer? Are these multiple choice

> questions from your old quizes? Just wanted to know so I can review the

> materials and commands. Again, thank you for your time?