Dear (Computer-phobic):

Thanks for the email. I suggest that you hang in there. If

you are spending this much time on the homework sitting at a

computer you will gradually find that your computer phobia will go happens to all of us. I understand that a lot of the

students in AMES 5 are not yet using computers in their daily lives

and must devote an abnormal amount of time getting up to speed...but

that's one of the reasons to have such a course. As I've said in

class a number of times, don't worry about grades. If you come to

lecture and do the quizzes and go to section and do your best to do

the homework and final project in both stages you will be all right.

If you have any friends in the class that can give you some tips

about how they do the homework in less time, you should pick their

brains or watch them at work. Networking is important in learning

to use computers effectively. See me after class and we'll talk.




> Hi Professor Gibson. My name is (Computer-phobic) and I'm in your Ames 5 class.

> I'm writing you this message because I'm contemplating of dropping this

> class, but I first wanted to get your opinion. I'm computer-phobic and

> was very hesitant to taking this class at first. However, it seemed okay

> in

> the beginning. I'm just frustrated because it takes me at least 9 hours

> to

> do the homework for each chapter. I'm in Ira's section and he told us to

> do the problems for chapter 8 also for this week. That means at least 18

> hours in this lab.

> Is that normal? I've been in this lab

> for hours now and I'm wondering why I'm not finished yet. Am I missing

> out on some magical solution to doing the homework or am I a normal case.

> Could you please write me back. Thank you for your time and

> consideration.

> Sincerely,

> (Computer-phobic)