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Subject: Re: please don't post

To: (anonymous)

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:43:50 -0800 (PST)

Cc: (Carl Gibson)


Dear (anonymous):

Thanks very much indeed for your kind remarks. I think you

are right about the reasons for most of the complaints. Somehow the

idea formed that because I give high grades that they are easy to

earn, but it doesn't work out that way when you put a bunch of

hot-shot UCSD students in competition to get the top ones.

There also seems to be a misconception that True BASIC is

not a real programming language, or is not used, or is not BASIC, or

somesuch. Check the webpage. The owners of the company wrote the

original BASIC program at Dartmouth. Lots of commercial programs

are written in True BASIC. It is very powerful, and we are just

scratching the surface.



PS: I'd love to post your message. How about if I edit to leave out your

name and conceal your identity?


> Professor Gibson,

> i just finished reading all of the student opinions posted on your

> website and i must say that i am embarassed and appalled at the comments

> that the students had the nerve to send you. Personally i only agreed with

> one student, the one who said that they found your teaching methods to be

> useful. I'm glad you assigned us the other practice programs for a take

> home agian becuase to be honest with you, the only reason everyone is

> getting so upset is because they are taking this class only because they

> have to or because they want an easy A, or both. Their complaints are

> based solely on their selfish wants to not have to do any work and still

> get credit that they dont deserve. I'm sorry, i don't agree with any of

> them. I just wanted to apologize to you on their behalf for being so dumb

> and immature.

> Although the class is very time consuming, especially because we have to

> modify so many programs, and the ranking system makes us have to spend a

> little more time on each one if we want to get a good grade, i have

> enjoyed the class very much. I just wanted to learn anything possible

> about computer programming even if it is just TRUE BASIC. My friend is in

> the Fortran class, or whichever one is teaching C+ and they do the same

> things we do only in about 100 more steps and it is much, much more

> difficult to understand. So basically, i feel I've learned something from

> this class and truthfully i don't believe it is a waste of time at all.

> Some of the modified example programs are annoying because they are so

> similar, but i suppose that each one tries to teach us one more little

> thing. Anyway, I'm sure you have a ton of examples to get working on! :o)

> Thank you very much for taking the time to write all of the examples you

> do and present them to us in class because i for one do find them helpful

> and about your voice being annoying.... i find it kind of entertaining and

(...some further anonymous remarks deleted as requested)

> Thanks again.


> Sincerely,

> (anonymous)