Dear Ameesh:

Thanks for your input. I was wondering what you were up to.

Regarding your comments, I'm surprised you don't like True

BASIC if you like visual basic, since they are very similar. Both

are based on the language developed at Dartmouth in 1964 by the

founders of True BASIC, in 1983. Dartmouth is a college on the East


I have a catalog of commercial products prepared using True

BASIC. Check their webpage. There you will find some technical

notes on graphical objects, and can order their new gold edition

product designed for producing commercial software. The student

edition version distributed to AMES 5 students won't produce enough

lines for most commercial programs, but from the clever final

projects I've seen this may not be a good assumption. I'm very

proud of the progress the class made in learning how to program this





> Dr. Gibson,


> ..... I don't know where to begin..... First you try to pass off True BASIC

> as a good/current Programming Language. You said "There also seems to be a

> misconception that True BASIC is not a real programming language, or is not

> used, or is not BASIC, or some such. Check the webpage. The owners of the

> company wrote the original BASIC program at Dartmouth. Lots of commercial

> programs are written in True BASIC. It is very powerful, and we are just

> scratching the surface." Ok, I'm not saying its wasn't a real programming

> language, but really if you cant understand the simple fact it was used 10

> years ago, I don't know what to tell you, about "scratching the surface",

> HAHAHAHAHA, come on scratching true basic isn't worth anyone's time. The

> stupid language isn't even object oriented. Try a good programming language

> like C++ or Java. Ever use Visual Basic? Give it ago you might realize True

> BASIC really sucks. On another note If you say that True BASIC was

> developed in Dartmouth one more time, I'm gonna die. Who cares if was

> developed at Dartmouth! It had to be developed somewhere, I'm just glad it

> was so far away from me. You also said "Lots of commercial programs are

> written in True BASIC. " I dare you to name ANY piece of software recently

> developed in True BASIC which is available to the Public. I guarantee you

> can't name one. Any self respecting programmer would laugh at you if you

> told him to develop applications in True BASIC right now. So enough with

> True BASIC, if I haven't made my point now, I don't think I ever will.


> Now on a completely separate subject. It is completely un-professional t


> play favorites in a class, and the fact that you made a girl cry and then

> posted her message! That's just plain sick. It's like you're proud of it or

> something. That kind of behavior from a University Professor is just plain

> Disturbing. Now by singling out students on the web who have written harsh

> letters, you bring rise to the sycophants. All these little minded people

> kissing up so they can be one of your "favorites" or be "guaranteed to pass

> this class without any problem." Promoting this kind of behavior is sick.

> I've suddenly found myself at a loss of words. I'm not even in your class

> and I find myself very very irritated with you and your teaching method. I

> hope your CAPE review will help you see this for yourself. (Even though I

> didn't submit an entry, I feel confidant that it will be a discouraging

> review.)


> Cheers!

> Ameesh Paleja


> -PS Please post my message on the Website.