Dear Anissa:

Thanks for the email. Sorry for your confusion. You need

to check the webpage regularly, since I use it to keep the class


It should not take you 2 hours to do the take-home portion

of this week's quiz. Come to class tomorrow and I'll demonstrate

how to do it, and give you a chance to take a make-up on quiz 8a.

Don't worry about your grade, and do your best to get over

your computer allergy. You aren't the only one afflicted (see the

note from Computer-phobic).

On your project, I'll try to post my completed version of

libra...since you were it's inspiration.

See you in class.



PS: Most people that regularly use computers long ago made the

investment in time that you are making, and have forgotten how

tedious they are to deal with. Alas, your department is

need to do it! Just do your best and I'll be happy.


> Proffessor Gibson... I looked on the website and saw a note that says take

> home problems have been reassigned (adding three more than before) and also

> that in class quizzes were reinstated. Is this a mistake.. I missed class

> today (2/23) to go to the lab to work on my homework, because on thurs of

> last week, that's what you said would be acceptable.. now we have to come to

> class again, AND have 5 extra practice problems? I have a problem with that

> because it already takes me 5 or 6 hours to do the modified example problems

> and the practice programs you've already assigned, PLUS work on my final

> project.. I can't speak for everyone in the class, but I work 2 jobs besides

> going to school, and your class is not my only one.. I would understand the

> work load if computer programming was my my major, but it's not.. I'm only

> taking this class because my department forces me to.. It's already painful

> enough without adding on an extra 2 hours of homework, especially since I

> live off campus and have to drive there to use the mac lab, sometime in

> between my two jobs.. Please tell me that you made a mistake on the web

> page, because my section is on thurs. and I'll need to find time to do the

> extra work if necassary...

> Anissa Barnett