Message 4/133 jodie fagan Jan 31, 99 09:29:53 pm -0800

Dear Jodie:

Sorry to be slow on this. I've had some difficulty getting

the TAs up to speed on entering their grades in a format that I

need. Meanwhile, they have been posting grades on the wall in the

old fashioned way, so go to the lab and have a look.

I'd rather you not miss any quizzes, since I put a lot of

information in them that I want you to know. Just arrange a makeup

with TAs if you have an excuse for missing lecture.




> Mr. Gibson,

> I have noticed that the grades for our class are not yet available

> on your website. Have you posted them so that we can go through the

> Ames department at the Mac lab or are the grades just not available? I

> just want to have an idea of how I am doing in the class and I remember

> you telling us that you wanted us to have that information every step of

> the way. Also, is there any possibility that we will be allowed to miss

> one or more quizzes since it is difficult to always make it to lecture?

> Just wondering, thank you for your time,

> Jodie Fagan