Dear BOR1:

Thanks for the email. My top priority is to do whatever I

can to maximize the class learning on the course subject. In my

opinion, the best way to do this is to demonstrate how the new

material works using the Center Hall computer and fabulous new

projector by running the True BASIC programs I used to compose the

in-class quizzes given at the end of each lecture. The way UCSD

works, I not only can do this, I must. It's my duty.

Thanks to the Scantron machine loaned by

the Psychology Department, and Mike Burin's hard work grading the

forms, we've been able to keep up with the great pile of scantrons

(I've finally managed to convince the AMES Department to buy

their own machine, so this will get better next time). By this time

in the class most people are developing significant skill in

original programming, but this is difficult to test using in-class

quizzes so I've decided to include a take-home component as

discussed elsewhere on the webpage. See you in class!




> how can you tell everyone there are no quizzes this week and then decide to

> give quizzes. do you try to screw us on purpose or are you just a really bad

> teacher?